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Doctors Employment AustraliaWe are specialists at helping Doctors throughout the world to seek locum or permanent work in Australia. Doctors Employment Australia is a leading Australian provider of international solutions to staff shortage problems for the healthcare sector. Our clients include large public and private healthcare providers across Australia. A majority of clients have worked with us for many years and return to us continuously.

We have helped many healthcare professionals and family members start a new professional and personal life abroad. As an organisation we are guided by a strict code of conduct, to secure that we act responsibly, ethically and respectfully at all times towards candidates.


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Doctors Employment AustraliaA few years from now, when you look back at the choice you made to trust Doctors Employment Australia as your partner for starting a new personal and professional life abroad, we want you to be happy with your choice. This statement is our goal and guides how we act towards candidates at all times. This is true for ethical reasons, but also because our long term survival as a company depends on us achieving this goal.
Making sure that your new job is in line with your interests is a good start. Helping you prepare well for your new job abroad is obviously another important factor in reaching that goal. However, moving to a new country is a big step and not only professionally. Many practical issues need to be resolved and, if you have a family, the move will have an equally big impact on the lives of your spouse and children. We measure our success by our clients' satisfaction.
Doctors Jobs and Medical Positions are available now in Australia.
If you thrive on challenges, stimulating work environment and not afraid of work, then Doctors Employment Australia is the path for your career development and bright future!

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Doctors Employment AustraliaTo enable us to help you find work quickly and get you into a placement we need certain information from you.
The information you provide is in strict confidence and will not be used for any other purpose in line with the Data Protection Act. Please complete our online registration Form.

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